Before now, nursing homes were the one stop destination for elderly people who didn’t really have anyone to cater for them. For many of this elderly people, nursing homes gave them another opportunity to be looked after since they can no longer independently live on their own. As a result, nursing homes became quite popular across America.

Interestingly, adult day care is changing the way elderly people are been cared for. These franchises have come up with innovative ways and ideas on how elderly people can make the most of their old age even without living their houses. This means elderly people can now enjoy absolute care and attention without having to leave the comfort of their homes. For most elderly people, adult day care franchises give them their lives back. How does Cialis work?

Today, adult day franchises in America are giving nursing homes a run for their money. So, what are the top adult day care franchises in America? We are glad you asked, below is an exclusive list of the top 5 adult day care franchises in America, hopefully you’ll find their services exciting and make them your one stop destination.


This is one of the most popular adult dare care franchise in America and its easy to understand why. Since its inception in 2004, careminder day care has continued to build trust among the community of seniors who absolutely trust them for their exclusive and top notch services. Sticking to its mission of become one of the foremost franchisor in the home care industry, careminder home care has become the darling of most seniors looking to make the most of their old age. What’s more? Although careminder home care is absolutely committed to the profitability of their franchisees in the home care industry, yet still, they are ever committed to delivering highest standards of care and services to their ever growing list of clientele.



Holding its spot as one of the most reputed home care providers in America, careminders home care operates across 69 locations in America.

 Franchise fee and territories

As a franchisee who intends to sign up with careminders day care, you’ll be required to pay a franchise fee of $39,000 for a single territory. Nevertheless, initial investment would cost around $75,000 to $123,000.   What’s more? You’ll be able to enjoy incredible discounts for multiple territories. Careminders home care generates a growth of 5% yearly. And for those who feel left out, careminders now offer regional developer territories. Azithromycin


If you are looking for one of the top notch homecare franchise in the home care industry then you’ll be hard beat to find any better than BrightStar healthcare at the moment. Moved by compassion to provide quality adult care services to seniors, this company was established in 2002 and since then has become a household name in the industry.  Here is what you need to know about them.


As one of the oldest adult care franchise in the industry, BrightStar healthcare operates from over 250 locations. Meaning you can always find a location that is close to you. All you need to do is visit their website and type your preferred location and you’ll find one that’s close to you.

Franchise fees and other facts

Are you a franchisee looking to pitch your tent with BrightStar healthcare then you’ll find the following information very helpful.  Franchise fee cost $50,000 while initial capital required cost around $100,000. Currently, brightstar operates over 300 territories in 38 states and garners approximately 9% growth each year. And looking at their franchisee training system, you’ll absolutely agree that their system is what every penny spent. For more info, surf through their website and get other exclusive information.


Founded in 1996 and started franchising in 2006, Always Best Care has earned its place among seniors and client who are wooed by the impressive quality care services which the company delivers to seniors. Since its inception, Always Best Care is a force to reckon with in the home care industry. Want to know more about this impressive company and their franchising fee? Read on and you wouldn’t be disappointed.


Currently, always best care boasts of over 200 locations. Just recently, the company added three more locations to its already existing locations.

Franchise fees and other facts

Initial franchise fee cost $44,900, this is not including needing an initial investment of $62,225-$111,400. And since 2012, the company has maintained a steady growth of 6%. Reach out to them by clicking this link


Senior helpers is arguably one of the best home care company in the industry that has strived to deliver quality care services to seniors. And owing to its growth and popularity, this company has continued to command attention from families looking for quality care services for seniors in their family. What’s more? This company offers franchise to home care givers who are interested in building a thriving and successful business. So for people looking for a home health care provider that lives up to its reputation, look no farther than senior helpers.



Among home health care providers in America, Senior helpers have continued to carve a niche for themselves. And this is further confirmed by its growing number of location. Fact sheet shows that senior helpers boast of over 250 locations and still counting.

Franchise and other facts

Are you a home care giver who wants to give them a try? Then it would be cool if you know what’s at stake. Initial franchise fee cost $44,500 while initial investment will gulp $81,300 – $117,300 depending on certain variables like real estate prices. Growth wise, this company commands a yearly growth of 5% which is very impressive.

For more information, hit the link below


Americare alliance earns its spot among top home care providers in America. Since its incorporation in 2003, this home health care company has continued to stamp its relevance among a community of seniors and other care seekers.


Americare alliance currently boasts of 28 locations across America providing quality home care services to seniors. And for those looking for a location that is close to them, you wouldn’t go wrong to visit their website. There you can find a location that’s just minutes away from where you currently are.


Franchise fees and other factors to consider

Generally, Americare alliance offers franchise for single Americare franchise businesses. Also, there are opportunities for large territories for Americare areas developers who are willing to sell Americare individual franchises. Also, initial franchise fees under Americare alliance cost $44,500 while initial investment ranges from $89,000 to $130,000. Is that all? Absolutely know, Americare alliance is believed to generate at least 6% growth every year. In major metropolitan areas franchisees are usually granted territories with a population of over 200,000 people. Nevertheless, if you would want more insights on how to sign up with them, do well to follow the link below





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