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Senior care development today, there is a clear difference between the quality of senior living conditions and senior living population numbers. As the disparity continues to cause problems for many US seniors, it’s time to take advantage of this market demand.

Commonwealth Development and its management company partners, seek to provide assistance with senior living housing units to be developed. This has been an industry in national decline, with the numbers of households dropping significantly since the turn of the century in comparison to the growth of senior US citizens. The population of over-65’s is expected to boom from 42 million seniors in 2010, to 72 million seniors in 2030. As such, something has to be done to make up for the massive imbalance in senior living choices available today.

By 2030, we will need as much as 2.7 million new units to accommodate this swelling in the population. As an unprecedented level of growth hits the US economy, it’s vital that options can be made available as effectively as possible. Using our knowledge and expertise with our management companies, we will provide an easy-going and professional take on improving the volume and quality of senior living options for the future.

By working alongside our group of professionals who we know share our knowledge, expertise and values, we will make sure that the senior living crisis can be taken head on. By creating private facilities that offer a fantastic quality of life, our plan is to help create a new generation of dynamically managed and attractive housing options that suits every party.



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