Summary: Tampa Bay, Florida sees a rise in retail development, CWD representatives explain.
TAMPA BAY, FLORIDA (JUNE 06, 2017) – With commercialization of an area on a steep positive gradient for the foreseeable future, it is no surprise that retail development follows suit. “As the number of people increases and economy improves, it is imperative that there shall be an increment in the commercialization of an area. This would bring in more opportunities for retail outfits to establish their offices and outlets. Our team here at Commonwealth Development dabbles in the work of creating build to suits. We have been in this business for quite a while and would like to expand our base of admirers”, stated a representative.
Although retail build to suit development is quite a simple concept to grasp at its very roots, most people do not have much information about it. “Retail build to suit development sounds really simple, when taken at face value. Basically, it is a way of letting property on lease. This is mostly of a commercial nature, in which a landowner or groups like ours develop according to the specifications provided by the tenant. At this stage, either the landowner or the group pays for the construction. The tenant is then allowed to lease or rent the property. However, the original ownership of the construction still belongs to the landowner or the group. It is a very common concept for multi -tenant buildings such as malls. Usually, this is done as the tenant does not desire owning or purchasing an entire building but would like to utilize the concept of the building by occupying it, without total ownership”, continued the representative.
When asked about the future plans of the company, a spokesperson said “We are looking to expand our business, as stated earlier. Our desire is to work for companies and franchisees such as Dunkin Donuts and Aspen Dental.”
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